Damian Fogarty

II have recently published a kid’s book My motorbike and I amazon and hope to publish and post more on my blog/website with WordPress so bear with me, date:10/03/2020. I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 6 or 7yrs old and still riding, was 9th in New Zealand for motocross, multi beach racing champion, multi-regional champion, made it to the open book of records in 2008 jumping over 24 cars on a Kawasaki KX250cc clearing a distance of 57mtrs touring New Zealand the international monster truck stunt show, have coach and trained people.
I have been in the building/carpentry industry for nearly 20 years in Gisborne and currently still working for the same company for 5 years.
Also like riding BMX and mountain bikes, like watching extreme sports so hopefully, this blog gets interesting.

I am an Amazon affiliate, so if you click on the link at the end of a review, . This is at no extra cost to you but every little bit helps pay the operating costs of this site and my favourite hobby riding my motorbike, i am the owner of the book and have more to come.


ph: 0277553653

Email: damofamo@hotmail.co.nz

A jump i did locally, i will add more content very soon. Thank you.

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